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30th September - International Translation Day

International Translation Day is celebrated every 30th September since 1953. The IFT (International Federation of Translators) has chosen that date in memory of Saint Jerome, patron saint of translators and translator of the Bible into the Latin. That version of the Bible is known as Vulgata.

Saint Jerome was born in the city of Stridon, near Dalmacia, and died on September, 30th in Bethlehem, Israel.  He learned Latin in Rome and then decided to settle in Bethlehem to improve his master of the language in order to translate the Holy Books as pope Saint Damasus has commanded him. Saint Jerome was one of the first characters in highliting translation like a process. Afterwards, these reflections were compiled in prologues and treaties, which express the value of translation as a cultural bridge, the need of translation training, the need to know the source language and the target language, the importance of research. His ideas are the cornerstone for traductology and serve as a ground for many generations of translators.