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Level of English Courses

2015-07-19 |

At NSC idiomas we work with different levels. We offer English courses from elementary to advanced. The courses aim at developing language skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking). Our courses are based on the communicative approach.


English as a lingua franca?

2015-06-17 |

A lingua franca (a latin word) is a language adopted by people that don´t share the same language in order to understand each other. Is English a lingua franca that has come to stay?


What is a translator?

2015-06-06 |

What is a translator and what does he do? Professional translators are communicators who bring cultures and people together through the use of written language. They convey the message, grammar and words of one language into their own language (or viceversa) by focusing on the author's intentions: accuracy, impact and specific terminology. 


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