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Why to study a language abroad?

2014-10-07 |

To study language abroad is an incomprable and and enriching experience for those who seek to improve the language, since it gives you the chance to know the places you have read about in books, to take a close look at its culture, meet historical places and spend unbelievable moments.


International exams, which one to choose?

2014-10-05 |

There is much talk about international examinations, there are countless options and several preparation methods. However, what does each of them consist in? Which is the most suitable one? If you have doubts, don't miss this article.


Effective presentations | Business English course

2014-08-20 |

Presentations are one of the most important tolos that executives, managers, salesmen and academics must master not only in the work and business environment but also in the academic one in order to develop, transmit knowledge, sell, advertise and achieve success, but in the globalized world in which we live, it is a "plus" to be able to do it in different languages. 


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